What is Apache Hadoop Ozone?

Ozone is a new subproject of Apache Hadoop. It provides an object store semantic for Hadoop.

It uses Hadoop Distributed Data Storage (HDDS) for storage layer. HDDS is another new subporoject of Apache Hadoop.


Ozone is designed to scale to tens of billions of files and blocks and, in the future, even more.

Small files or huge number of datanodes are no longer a limitation.


Storage Layer uses RAFT protocol for consistentency.


Hadoop Ozone is designed to work well in containerized environments like YARN and Kubernetes.

Question and Answers

Where can I download it?

Apache Hadoop Ozone is not yet released. It's being actively developed on the trunk branch of Apache Hadoop. It will be released independently from the main Hadoop release.

How can I contribute

The contribution process is the same as is for any other Hadoop subproject.

Does it mean a new Hadoop server component?

Both Ozone and HDDS requires one additional master component - Ozone Manager and Storage Container Manger, respectively. The worker parts of Ozone/HDDS can be started as a HDFS Datanode plugin.

How can I try it out?

There is a katacoda which can be used to try out Ozone. Please note that this is for demostration and is not released by Apache.

For the Apache version, you can download and build the latest version from trunk